Public Speaking Tips

Avoid these 5 Public Speaking Blunders!

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By Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, Ph.D., Public Speaking + Presentation Coach When was the last time you witnessed a speaker who made massive mistakes, compromising their message, credibility and professionalism? Or, felt yourself making mistakes and beating yourself up afterwards? Ouch! Great public speakers can be trained through skill development, targeted focus, preparation and proper practice. Here are five tips...
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Giving a killer Presentation!

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Chris Anderson, curator of TED, reported on giving a killer presentation for the Harvard Business Review. He states, “I’m convinced that giving a good talk is highly coachable.  In a matter of hours, a speaker’s content and delivery can be transformed from muddled to mesmerizing. Whether you are preparing a TED talk, a CEO doing an IPO road show, a brand…

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