Concierge Vocal Care

This is the Ultimate in nourishing + care for the Professional Voice. Your private consultation includes an intuitive look at your voice health, physical health including your nutrition and health habits, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. You will understand what is affecting your voice and through Miluna’s complete and compassionate coaching, correct and maximize all areas of your health, dealing first with what is impacting the health and longevity of your voice and body. Take back your power and confidence as a performer. Essential for the touring singer.

Your written protocol includes:

  • What foods to eat
  • What foods to avoid
  • Best exercise for you
  • How much water you need Daily
  • Minimizing any Environmental Impact
  • How to best warm-up and use your Voice
  • Your personal power syllable – this is fun!
  • Guidance on how to handle any Physical Symptoms
  • Counseling on how to Perform at your Best

Includes: Initial Consultation for 90 minutes followed by two One Hour Voice Coaching/Healing Sessions. Must be completed within 30 days.  Can be done in one VIP Weekend.

Note:  Additional Vocal Coaching is Available Separately. 

If you are experiencing vocal pathology, I will refer you for appropriate medical care first.

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