From the chronicles of a female CEO with a Voice that could be heard…

As we get closer to the end of this year with much fanfare and chaos and fear and changes that we need to create, I am here to remind you of the power of just one Voice!  This Voice can be yours. One Voice can change the course of  a person’s day, change a person’s mind, influence a person’s decision, help a person to grow, impact and inspire a person to go out and go within to find their own particular genius. Think of a person who loves you and says so with their Voice. Think of a concert you went to that rocked your world. Think of an inspirational speaker that impacted your belief system and thinking patterns for good.

The biggest gift you can give yourself at the end of this year or any year is to speak in the new.  Most of us know what we don’t want and what didn’t work. Discover what did work and what you want to grow in 2017! Write in your own hand (yes, the energy of handwriting is stronger than say, typing) your promises for next year. Make the words very specific. I like to have my dictionary and thesaurus handy to define and play with the words until they have a particular cadence, a rhythm, music to my ears.  After you review and refine and have those promises (formerly known as goals or resolutions) the way you want them, speak them out loud. Sing them out loud. Chant them out loud. Make them come to life through your own power of creation. Let yourself hear yourself. Turn up the volume.

Hear your own applause.  This is the way change happens and sustains far longer than any New Year’s Resolution ever has or will!