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SVH all started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today at the Superior Vocal Health Store, we’re proud to provide our quality products direct to your doorstep through a simple experience. Most of all, we hope you’ll enjoy the products as much as we do. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

Available Products Include: Throat Saver , Vocal Rescue , Sinus Clear Out , Stage Fright , and our Book – Superior Vocal Health

Woman CD

Woman (CD)

by Miluna Fausch & Mississippi Charles Bevel
© Copyright – Miluna Records / Miluna Records (634479960116)

Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues
Release Date: 2008

WOMAN is a beautiful blues melody of wellness and power paying tribute to the soul of a Woman. This heart-warming blues ballad was written by Mississippi Charles Bevel.

How this recording came to be (yep, it’s all true): Mississippi (yes, he was born in Mississippi) is a bluesman who recently moved from New Jersey to Memphis, Tennessee. A prolific songwriter, singer and guitar man, he performs around the country.

Dr. Miluna, who has been a professional singer, singing coach, and vocal producer for years, founded Miluna Records to launch this CD. She saw Mississippi performing live in the Hank Williams story at The Laguna Playhouse, purchased his CD, heard track 11 and was touched by the beauty of the song. She found herself listening over and over. Miluna tracked down Mississippi through his email, and asked if he would record the song with her. He said YES, and they recorded this song together. The rest, as they say, is herstory.

Strong Body CD

Strong Body (CD)

by Miluna Fausch
© Copyright – Miluna Fausch / Miluna Records (190394613150)

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: East Coast
Release Date: 2016

As a fan of Jazzercise, I know the power of the best beat, catchiest tune, funkiest groove, I-can-feel-it workout-song. We wrote this positive affirmation, dance, rap song for you to workout or move to and feel better about your Strong Body!

Tote Bag

Tote Bag


This gorgeous all-over printed tote bag – made in California, United States – features sturdy, weather-resistant fabric and dual 100% natural cotton bull denim shoulder straps. Make a beautiful, artful statement with this stand out, all-season VIDA Tote Bag – whether on an afternoon stroll around town or a weekend out of town.

Accent Pillow - Luster Oblong

Tote Bag


A modern, bright accent with an artist’s touch, each pillow is cut with 100% cotton and makes an elegant addition to any room.

Each VIDA piece features original designs from one of our global community of artists and is custom made to order for you.