Startup Companies

Startups – Proprietary Vocal Archetypes℠ Program

You did it. Mustered up your courage and leveraged all of your monies. You are here and ready to grow fast.  You need the big investor or a few big investors. You are a true pioneer, leader, visionary. The stakes are high, and your ability to present and pitch is absolutely crucial, or you risk losing the capital that you need.

My Vocal Archetypes℠ program helps you find your company’s Voice and then turn up the volume. So that you forge your path. Claim your company’s success.

Here are some of the highlights of my Business Coaching for Start-ups:

  • Client Whys + Destination Goals
  • What’s your Voice-breaking down emotional and mental barriers
  • Breathing for Success and Focus
  • Relaxation techniques, visualization, success training
  • Presentations that attract attention and funding
  • Authentic confidence as a Speaker to increase income, grow sales, negotiate superbly
  • Build your courage and personal charisma to attract ideal employees and partners
  • Using humor so audiences can’t forget you