From the chronicles of a female CEO with a Voice that could be heard…

As I interact with companies and travel the world, I find some examples of excellent customer care and some examples of very poor customer service. In the hospitality industry, it is striking to me that the very people who go into hospitality seem to have no qualities of service or core understanding of what it means to serve. At a young age I got a job as a waitress in a small town restaurant. I began to learn that it was an honor to serve others and help them feel well cared for. It was a tough job at times because some customers treated me as less than, as the hired help. Sad, because what do we really know of another’s abilities and journey and choices?

One of places that I think needs improvement is within the hotel customer experience. For example, when you are at the pool and they are closing the area for the night. Some of us are relaxing in the hot tub and don’t want a harsh order that we must vacate for the evening.  We hear things like, “we need you to leave as we are closing the pool,” or “the pool is now closing, you have to leave”.

In my ideal world of the savvy, kind, and humorous, I suggest a couple of originals like the following:  “Folks, alas, we find that we must now close the pool for the evening. Go ahead and gather your belongings and please make your way to the exit over the next few minutes. Thank you”.  Or, “dear guests, we are preparing to close the pool at this hour for your safety and our maintenance. We open again at 10 am and welcome you back then. Thanks for staying with us”.