3 Ways to Ignite your Innate Creativity + Grow your Business

By September 13, 2013Uncategorized

During our early childhood years, especially between the ages of two through five, we are expressing our inborn creativity. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.  Studies show that by the age of 7 we are down to a level of 4% of our original creative flow.  We may have been told “no” so many times that we stopped believing. We stuffed that nasty ol’ creativity down deep within us, so much so that by the time we became an adult we believed we were no longer creative. I hear this sentence a lot, “I am not creative”. Not true. Of course you are creative. Everybody is. You just have to practice + believe + be willing to play.

Here are three ways to help bring your creative flow back:

1. Solitude. People are busy. Business people are super busy. The more challenges you face, the more decisions you must make, the more crucial quiet time is. Creativity cannot be forced.  She sometimes plays hard to get. The more cluttered the mind, the more noise in your head, the less the flow of in-spirations + solutions.  Spend a minimum of 20 minutes in complete quiet. No noise, no music, no interruptions. Nothing but you and your sweet creativity.

2. Write at least 15 ridiculous solutions to your business challenge-the more absurd and ridiculous the better. Work fast. Don’t censor your answers. When we release our need for perfection (is this you?) and move into laughter and a sense of the absurd, our minds can move into excellence + answers.

3. Draw from other fields. In the arts, some of the best shows + creations are what we call interdisciplinary. Go buy a magazine you have never read and/or on a subject that you think you would never be interested in (especially fun in airport bookstores). If you sit all day, go dancing. If you are in law, go make pottery with a purposeful flaw. If you are in IT, write silly poems that break all the rules.