A Farewell to Amy Winehouse

Another super talented and tortured musician gone. At the age of 27. There is lots of press dealing with the typical news about drugs and alcohol rehab and counseling. This is a bandaid. Let’s start at the beginning-why did she drink and take drugs to begin with? To quiet the voices. To handle her talent. Later on to handle the pressure of being a superstar when the public always has an opinion and can be brutal.

My view is different. What if wise parents and those elders surrounding a gifted child began sending them to spiritual teachers from a very young age? They could learn to handle their talent, manage their energy, develop grounding and a strong self-regard. How about holistic care from a young age? How about nutrition to manage excess energy from foods we are sensitive to?

We look to drugs and alcohol to find peace outside of ourselves. Because we don’t understand our own Worth. Our own Divinity.

Bye for now Amy…safe and wonderful passage to you…thank you for your soulful and delicious singing…