Dr. Kelly K. McCann
Physician/Owner + Founder of The Spring Center

I really enjoy lecturing now!

Before working with Dr. Miluna, I was nervous about presenting.  I had been a singer for many years so it wasn’t getting up in front of a crowd that was so nerve-wracking, it was not having a script to follow.  I wanted to improve my skills because I feel it is important to speak eloquently, with passion and yet provide critically important information to my audience. I had tried just doing it without any guidance, but it didn’t bring the confidence I wanted. Dr Miluna taught me the importance of body positioning and how to use my voice to command the audience.  She reminded me that this was supposed to be fun and engaging and that my audience would remember so much more, if they perceived that I was having a good time!  She helped establish my confidence in my voice and my capacity to hold the audience’s attention. Since working with Dr. Miluna, I have spoken for several national associations and have been asked to return and give another presentation several times.  I will also make my international debut later this year as a physician lecturer. I would recommend working with Dr. Miluna if anyone has a need to be in front of the public or even to boost their confidence in the work environment.  Knowing how to stand, move and breath is critically important to a successful presentation, whether it is for a boss or a board meeting of a dozen or an auditorium of several hundred.  

Robin Hoffman Haack
CFO + Founder of Clar8ty / Clar8ty

"I now speak confidently in front of large groups!"

I was not feeling as confident in speaking as I should. Working with Dr. Miluna, I learned how to ground, get in sync with my vision and align that for myself and my company, and gained a lot more confidence for speaking in front of large groups. I also learned how to get a great message across to the audience. I have great new techniques to come across strong, confident, owning the audience! I would recommend Dr. Miluna for sure-her coaching helped me realize how powerful I am and what I can achieve!

Dr. Estella Chavous
Educator/Speaker / Irvine, CA

"She taught me not to be a good presenter, but a great presenter"

My entire career has relied on effective and persuasive communication.  I decided that in order to expand my possibilities, I would need unique training specifically designed for my individual goals, objectives, and mission of enhancing the workforce needs of women.  Dr. Miluna was able to transform and develop me into a better professional presenter teaching me not to be good but to be great!  She enhanced my ability to communicate the genuine and authentic me even in highly corporate situations.  Her effective work with me included; professional voice and presentation development, microphone and audio skills, breathing, voice and relaxation, my ability to respond effectively to the why of my mission,  and the mind, body and emotional connection.  I would highly recommend Dr. Miluna, as she is gifted in her ability to train to results!

Patricia Garza Pinto
Co-Founder / EvolMotion™

"People are more drawn to me. I have more clients."

I had never worked with a Voice coach before, and I was not feeling confident when I had to speak in public. While working with Dr. Miluna, I experienced myself like never before-in a positive way. People are more drawn to me. I have more clients. My confidence is way up because I am stepping into the power which had simmered deep within me.  I recommend working with Dr. Miluna because she can also help you step deeper into your power and confidence!

Lynda Buitrago, MS
Depke Wellness

"Dr. Miluna helped me turn my speech into an engaging story"

Dr. Miluna helped me to infuse my speaking with more expression, turning speech into storytelling, allowing my true self and my enthusiasm for my work to shine through.  During our first session together,  I discovered more power and self-assurance -- my personal presence strengthened as I followed Dr. Miluna's suggestions.  With her guidance, I feel confident that I can become an engaging speaker faster than I had imagined possible!

Sarah Castillo
Sr. Specialist, Leadership Development, Edwards Lifesciences / Costa Mesa, CA

"My ratings from attendees have increased by 60%"

I wasn't able to facilitate a full day training because I would start losing my voice half way through. My goal was to get certified for a 2-day course and start doing more frequent training sessions at work-but none of that would be possible if I didn't have a voice that would keep up with my passion for training. I had tried looking for a voice coach before, but I could only find people who were singing coaches. I didn't want to sing, so I gave up on the idea of a voice coach. I didn't know what to do so I just struggled through my training and would try not to talk in the evenings to help my voice recover. Dr. Miluna taught me stretches and warm-ups to prepare my voice for a day of speaking, better breathing techniques, and how to project my voice and express more emotion through it. I also discovered that I was speaking in a lower tone than my natural voice-something that she alluded to in my very first session with her! Now, I no longer worry about my voice when I am asked to do training. I was able to facilitate a full day course for the first time without any loss of my voice! I have confidence that my voice isn't going to hold me back from reaching the goals I have for my career.  Dr. Miluna knows what she is doing! She would pick up on the smallest things when it came to using my voice and helped me correct them. I feel like I have a better presence in front of people and more confidence because I have control over my voice. I highly recommend her for anyone in business or who does a lot of presenting!

Sarah Rouhani

"I want the world to know what a wonderful teacher she is"

I initially came to Dr. Miluna looking for a vocal coach to help me audition for a classical singing program. At the time, I was convinced that I would only ever be comfortable singing and performing classical music. In the past, I had studied with teachers who felt that my voice was most suited to arias and the like and worked with me only on improving my singing technique, which left me little room for exploration. I knew from my first meeting with Dr. Miluna that she was a different breed of vocal coach. Though she was most definitely able to continue to help me grow my classical singing chops, Dr. Miluna was the first mentor I've worked with to encourage me to really look within. Through our practices, discussion, and her own example, she has made me aware of my worthiness both as an artist and as a creator. As a result, I am much more confident and playful with music. I've begun to study a wider array of musical genres, become eager to perform, and even write original content. I feel much more self-assured in my music and my life. After working with Dr. Miluna, singing has become fun again! I look forward to my lessons all week. I feel that I've improved monumentally and I constantly surprise myself during my lessons with her and in my personal practice. My voice feels richer and fuller, and I am singing with more and more ease. My range has expanded greatly, and sight-reading is coming more and more naturally to me. Still, I cannot stress enough how good it feels to release fear and allow my creativity to flow. I couldn't be more grateful to Dr. Miluna for all her help, and I want the world to know what a wonderful teacher she is. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Miluna for anyone who is looking to get more in touch with their creative force, build confidence, or expand their vocal capabilities.

Christine Jugueta
Singer-Actress-Songwriter, / Cedar City, UT

"I would recommend working with Dr. Miluna because she is a master guide"

Before working with Dr. Miluna, I had a lot of questions about my path as an artist.  I was processing lots of pain from my past and feeling that they were blocking me from moving forward. I had tried lots of therapy, spiritual work, different paths and studies and even formed a formal “discernment committee”.  My search is continual, but I was feeling that I still had trouble answering my core questions. Dr. Miluna has a treasure trove of questionnaires and exercises.  The exercises and questions put me in a playful mindset and her meditations filled me with a deeper confidence.  Dr. Miluna created a space that allowed me to discover my uniqueness.  At our last session, I was able to clearly articulate my values as an artist and discern the meaning and foundation of my work going forward. Since working with Dr. Miluna, I have written 2 new songs in the 2 weeks since I completed the program with Dr. Miluna.  I am exploring new genres. I am getting my “SH**” together so that I can create my work from a much healthier and clearer place. What I am most grateful for, is that I have a central idea, now, that I can always return to that helps me to filter, process and hold all the various questions I have about my path, my employment and how I spend my time, in general.  Because I have articulated my core value as an artist, I can let go of years of confusion and insecurity, and can simply focus on reaching my potential and bringing to life the work that only I can create. I would recommend working with Dr. Miluna because she is a master guide and has a special ability to see people in their purest light.  Her playful spirit and spark melts the little gremlins that lurk about in our mind.  And all that she sees and does is with strong, clear intention.  She is so committed to helping you find your power, uniqueness and purpose, and she does it swiftly and surely.