Herbie Hancock a Curious Person

Herbie Hancock, Curious Person.  Herbie said in an interview, “I am a really curious person”.  Brilliant, actually.  At 11 he was playing Mozart with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  He said he was “hooked” by his second piano teacher who played Chopin for him.  He might have stayed on the classical road except he heard a kid his age improvising jazz and wanted to learn how to do that.

At age 19 Miles David hired him and told him, “Don’t play the butter notes”. Herbie had to figure out what he meant.  He began to avoid the obvious notes when playing a chord.

He wrote the theme song for Fat Albert (remember?).  In college he double-majored in Music and Electrical Engineering. Really smart.  At 72, he is still thinking outside the box.

“The growth is outside the box”.  Thank you Mr. Hancock.  You Rockit…at the Grammys!