There is no greater influence than your VOICE, and no greater impact than the
Power of a Great Speaking PERFORMANCE.

Are you Experiencing any of these?

  • You are not closing enough sales.
  • You did not get the promotion you deserved.
  • People can’t hear you or say “speak up”.
  • You push the microphone away instead of using the power of amplification.
You are here because you know that your Voice is holding you back professionally. Maybe your Voice is too high pitched, monotone, soft. Maybe your tone of Voice is so unsettling that it would drive the snakes out of Ireland. My job is to challenge you, to support you, to encourage you, to hold you responsible for your own greatness. Through my concierge programs, I will stand with you and for you-the conscious speaker-using my proprietary Vocal Archetypes℠ tools and techniques.
This work is not for the faint of heart. You will go deep. You will transform. You will get to know You! You will start to feel different. Be more confident. More competent. More attractive. You will influence and impact. You will perform well and get that standing ovation.
I help you bridge the gap between the old and new, where you are now and where you want to go.
Let’s get started!

Your Voice impacts the Performance of your Business 

Corporate Speaking

Magnetic & Charismatic

Your company is here to make an impact. Influence. Change the global economy. Participate in conscious capitalism. Business that is good for all. My proprietary Vocal Archetype℠ program helps you identify…

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Start Up Business

Need Investors? Close that deal?

You did it. Mustered up your courage and leveraged all of your monies. You are here and ready to grow fast.  You need the big investor or a few big investors. You are a true pioneer, leader, visionary…

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Management Teams

How to speak to your team.

I get it. You have a killer management team of up to five key people. You want them to play well together. Use their greatest strengths and skills and passion. Identify, clarify, and turn up your…

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Individual Speakers

Personal & Business

You want to increase your reach. Your influence. You have something important to say. Grow your company fast and you know that one of the best ways to maximize your time and get in front of more people…

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Palo Alto voice coach, Dr. Miluna Fausch, helps executives advance their career. Get recognized, hired, promoted, and funded. Begin Training NOW!

The one thing you need to know about me is that I am over the top in love with the power of the Voice.

“Your Voice is the key to influence, inspiration and profits”

I was always memorized and hypnotically drawn to the voices emanating from my transistor radio while swinging for hours in my backyard world creating with my own over-the-top imagination. That’s what kept me alive; my music and my imagination.

Any kind of deep or rich Voice would send me over the moon and captivate me, Casey Kasem on American Top 40 Radio Show, Yul Brynner live in the King and I, and Barbra Streisand belting out People.

Those voices, that resonance, that romance…


This program is our signature program and the foundation for Singers, Songwriters, Recording Artists + Creatives.  All of us have doubts and some of us are surrounded by folks who believe we can’t succeed in Show Biz.

To Success

Magical Muse Coaching

Do you need help turning up your Inner Writer Voice? We can help with that too. The Magical Muse Coach will assist you in heightening and sharpening your Creative Writing + Thinking skills.

Be Creative

Concierge Vocal Care

This is the Ultimate in nourishing + care for the Professional Voice. Your private consultation includes an intuitive look at your voice health, physical health, and nutritional health habits (emotional health, mental health, and spiritual health).

Shine Like A Star


I am grateful for your recent reading consulting my guides and your guides.  I trust your experience and expertise and from that I am in wellness.  I didn’t know how unwell I felt until I felt so good…

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Who is your Coach?

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From the Chronicles of a female CEO with a Voice that could be Heard…Dr. Miluna Fausch… Today I am sharing powerful news from one of my favorite people who has accomplished so much; Mr. Jim Stovall. Who is your Coach? by Jim Stovall I have the privilege of advising, consulting, and coaching entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and individuals seeking to improve…

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Palo Alto voice coach, Dr. Miluna Fausch, helps executives advance their career. Get recognized, hired, promoted, and funded. Begin Training NOW!

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