Individual Speakers

Individual Speakers – Proprietary Vocal Archetypes℠ Program

You want to increase your reach. Your influence. You have something important to say. Grow your company fast – and you know that one of the best ways to maximize your time and get in front of more people is to speak effectively and powerfully. My Vocal Archetypes℠ program helps you Find your Voice, your company’s Voice and turn up the volume.

Here are some of the highlights of my Executive Coaching for Speakers:

  • Client Whys
  • What’s your Voice-breaking down beliefs and habits that limit you
  • How to breathe like a Singer
  • Relaxation techniques, visualization, success training
  • Presentation techniques that get you more clients and more speaking gigs
  • Courage and Skill as a Voice Professional to increase sales and income, negotiate superbly
  • Crafting a presentation for your crowd or pitching that Ted Talk!
  • Build your personal charisma and joy
  • Telling your personal story and sharing your big why