Jon Bon Jovi – Success in the Music Biz

Did you catch Jon Bon Jovi on Master Class?  If not, here are highlights of his love and respect for the Music Business.  Edited by me…

“Nothing makes me more angry or more sad than to see somebody’s dream get crushed by someone else.” Jon said a guy in his driveway roared, “I wouldn’t pay for my kid to go to music school.”  All while gazing at the house that music built!

Even as a boy, “I was gonna be a did it and failed guy instead of a coulda, shoulda, woulda guy.”

By age 16 Jon had a “singleminded, laser-beam focus on being a better singer, writer, and player (guitarist).”

He believes that “all of the arts are reliant on each other.  Books, movies, music and art.”  We are inspired and borrow from each other.

Bon Jovi witnessed a period where he was concerned in our disposable, reality TV culture that there wouldn’t be anymore great songwriters.  He says now there are radio stations that play 15 songs in a row that sound exactly the same. He hopes that we can rebound possibly with things like YouTube.

When working as a young man at a recording studio in New York City, he noticed, “the bigger the star, the nicer the person”.

“It is unbelievable the power music has.  I had a different vision.  Being in this for the long-haul.  There are a lot of guys laying by the side of the road from my profession or at my age that have run into that brick wall. Their dreams didn’t come true. He says at the age of 50 (March 2 was his birthday) “I don’t have any regrets”.

I was touched, in tears, and satisfied (smile) and his charisma is intact.

This has been and will continue to be a beautiful business to be in! When do your dreams get realized?