Linen for Voice Healing?

Why  would you wear a linen scarf?  Well…it’s because linen and wool are the only fabrics that have a frequency of healing for the human body.

Wool can be a bit scratchy and itchy for some, so let’s stick with linen.

Flax facts:  pure linen was found to have high frequencies that were healing and oxygenating to the human body at 5,000 signature frequency measured in angstroms. Standard bleached and colored cotton was found to be almost neutral measuring 40 angstroms of energy, while man-made or synthetic fabrics had a negative vibration.

Conclusion:  wearing pure linen or wool raises the vitality of your body, while wearing other fabrics will lower its vitality.

If you are having any throat discomfort apply a few drops of pure essential oils (I use and recommend Young Living) like Myrrh, Oregano, or Lavender then wrap your throat , not too tightly, with the scarf or fabric and allow the linen to work its Magic.