Management Teams

Key Management – Proprietary Vocal Archetypes℠ Program

I get it. You have a killer management team of up to five key people. You want them to play well together. Use their greatest strengths and skills and passion. Identify, clarify, and turn up your Company’s Voice. My Vocal Archetypes℠ program helps you run your company in what I call 4-part harmony with your Voice strong and clear.

Here are some of the highlights of my Public Speaking Coaching for Executive Management Teams:

  • Client Whys and who’s driving what car
  • Finding each person’s Voice and the part they play in your company’s success
  • Breathing for entrainment, focus and memory building
  • Relaxation techniques, visualization, success training
  • Presentations that rock the room!
  • Authentic confidence as a Speaker to increase income, grow sales, negotiate superbly
  • Grow your personal charisma to relate well to others
  • The art of the personal story and humor to lead and inspire