Dear Colleagues,

I believe that we all grow professionally and personally when we lift others up. When we hold standards of excellence. When we identify potential prospects for our talented colleagues who are experts.  Over the years, I have referred many clients to others, sometimes without even a thank you. This has not felt correct for me, which is why I created this program.

When you take the time to have a courageous conversation with someone, determine I can solve the problem they are having, and they enroll in one of my programs, I want to thank you with a tangible gift (the gift that keeps on giving).

Continue below to enroll into my referral program…

The best client for me:

  • Makes high stakes presentations as a part of their job or career.
  • Is a life-long learner who takes classes and hires personal coaches.
  • Is someone who cares and wants more self-awareness about how she or he communicates/presents
  • Has the income to pay for my custom, private, one-on-one, transformative training programs
  • Is at the place in their career or life where they understand and acknowledge what presenting poorly is costing them in terms of career, income, promotions, recognition, raising VC or angel funds, relationships, energy.
  • Intelligent, keeps their word, focused on their professional development, probably keeps their passport current, curious, has a sense of humour (yes, my DNA shows a large part of me came from Britain), coachable
  • Has the desire, but more importantly the ability and willingness to grow through hiring a coach

Here’s the deal:

“Referees” receive either a payment of 5% or credit for an extended 1.5 hour private coaching session with me working with a presentation/pitch/ask;  for every qualified client that they refer who books a training program with me.

What you do is:

Simply introduce us through a professional email sent to:

That’s it!  I will take it from there.

Thank you very much!
Dr. Miluna

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