Steve Wynn’s Love of Music

Steve talks about his latest creation ShowStoppers at Wynn Las Vegas. “Look, you and I know from school that the heart of the romantic literary tradition is providing audiences with a world that’s better than what’s real-an idyllic world. Theater and drama allow people to experience vicariously the moments on the stage, and to the extent that it’s true or an exaggerated truth, it resonates heavily with human emotion. Nothing is good without a score. Everybody’s life is defined by song. We walk around humming. There’s something about the human brain and melodic phrases and rhythms that means an awful lot to us. They can let us experience joy and triumph through virtuoso performances.”

He goes on to say, “there’s still nothing as magical as a great piece of musical composition and a virtuoso performer or dancer who spent their life learning their trade, up there doing it, with no help, naked with the talent. That is still the strongest thing on earth.”

Ah..well said Mr. Wynn, and thank you for keeping the magic of live performance at your hotels!