I really enjoy lecturing now!

By March 13, 2017

Before working with Dr. Miluna, I was nervous about presenting.  I had been a singer for many years so it wasn’t getting up in front of a crowd that was so nerve-wracking, it was not having a script to follow.  I wanted to improve my skills because I feel it is important to speak eloquently, with passion and yet provide critically important information to my audience.

I had tried just doing it without any guidance, but it didn’t bring the confidence I wanted.

Dr Miluna taught me the importance of body positioning and how to use my voice to command the audience.  She reminded me that this was supposed to be fun and engaging and that my audience would remember so much more, if they perceived that I was having a good time!  She helped establish my confidence in my voice and my capacity to hold the audience’s attention.

Since working with Dr. Miluna, I have spoken for several national associations and have been asked to return and give another presentation several times.  I will also make my international debut later this year as a physician lecturer.

I would recommend working with Dr. Miluna if anyone has a need to be in front of the public or even to boost their confidence in the work environment.  Knowing how to stand, move and breath is critically important to a successful presentation, whether it is for a boss or a board meeting of a dozen or an auditorium of several hundred.