From the chronicles of a female CEO with a Voice that could be heard…

All of us have a chronological age, and we also have a biological age. You can be older and have young cells. You can be young and have old cells.  Dr. Christiane Northrup says that belief trumps genes. 

I met a woman who is a Chief People Officer and she presented with the Voice of a teenager. Youthful, yes. Rich and confident and reflective of her position, no. My mother-in-law, who is chronologically 94, does not have the Voice of a wrinkled one.   I can hear in someone’s Voice if they experienced a trauma at a certain age and this caused arrested vocal power. I can hear the culture and beliefs of a person. I can hear their level of confidence. This year, be willing to start listening to your own Voice. Feel your reaction to other people’s Voices. Are you pulled in? Pushed back? Our Voice is fundamental, and not to be taken for granted. Your Voice is one in 7,477,719,938 (as of the world population clock right at this moment).

I hear music in every Voice. What type of tune are you speaking?  For example, the Italian language has the rhythm of a melody and each region is different. German is more staccato or percussive sounding. This year, be willing to go deeper, wider, and higher. Transform your life through your vocal self-expression. After all, it’s your Voice!