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Let’s face it–you are only as good as your last presentation or pitch! Are you experiencing any of these as an Executive, Salesperson or Startup? 

  • You are a techie, engineer or introvert and and sales pitches do not come naturally to you
  • You are afraid of forgetting your words during your sales presentation and not being able to think quickly and improv on your feet
  • Your Voice does not reflect the authority, credibility or vocal strength that you need as a professional or as a performer

You are here because you know that poor pitching skills are costing you professionally. Maybe you fumble and forget your words in front of your Board of Directors. Maybe you are not making the kind of money that you could with proper training. Maybe the quality of your Voice is stopping you from getting those sales or promotions

Through my exclusive concierge coaching programs, I will train you how to deliver Presentations & Pitches that get you the results you want. Learn to overcome your fears and lack of confidence, make your presentations unforgettable, and capture your audience.

Go from hearing this feedback, “that was a really good PowerPoint” to “her presentation changed my life”.

This training is for you when you want:

  • To increase your sales by as much as 50%
  • To attract more dream clients
  • To get your message across clearly without static or resistance
  • To move from the old school of hard sell into the new paradigm of collaboration

1-to-1 training with Palo Alto Voice Coach, Dr Miluna Fausch, is the fastest and most reliable way to become an effective, world-class speaker. You will learn how to present for influence, impact and change. You will learn to be effective just like a Ted Talk. Being a performer taught me how to analyze a script and bring it to life, and I will bring that show business magic to you.  This is about conscious, courageous communication that touches those within your reach and beyond.

Why have a pitch coach on your success team?  Because constant business growth is expected, you are measured on your sales numbers, stress is high, solutions are needed, and because of our busy lives we don’t have the support systems and friends that we used to have.


Your Performance on Stage impacts the Performance of your Career! 

CEOs, Executives & Professionals

Magnetic & Charismatic

You want to increase your reach. Your influence. You need more clients and sales. You want to grow your company or business fast – and you already know that one of the best ways to maximize your time and get in front of more people is to speak effectively and powerfully

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Startups & Techies

Need Investors? Close that deal?

You did it. Mustered up your courage and leveraged all of your monies. You are here and ready to grow fast.  You need the big investor or a few big investors. You are a true pioneer, leader, visionary…

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Video & voiceover for your business

Do you need an engaging, sassy speaker for your next business meeting or event? Miluna will tailor a custom talk that fits the needs and sensibilities of your group. She will educate, inspire and change the way you think about your Voice and Public Speaking forever

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Palo Alto voice coach, Dr. Miluna Fausch, helps executives advance their career. Get recognized, hired, promoted, and funded. Begin Training NOW!

The one thing you need to know about me is that I am over the top in love with the power of the Voice.

“Your Voice is the key to influence, inspiration and profits”

I was always mesmerized and hypnotically drawn to the voices emanating from my transistor radio while swinging for hours in my backyard world creating with my own over-the-top imagination. That’s what kept me alive; my music and my imagination.

Palo Alto voice coach, Dr. Miluna Fausch, helps executives advance their career. Get recognized, hired, promoted, and funded. Begin Training NOW!

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